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Training up children in the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6)


Providence Christian School in Monarch, Alberta is situated in a beautiful, rural community, minutes west of Lethbridge.  
We provide Christian education for students in Kindergarten through to grade 12. 
We offer a 4 day school week and a complete academic program that exceeds the requirements of provincial government curriculum.
Education at PCS is shaped by the traditional themes of our Reformed Christian heritage:
- study of God's Creation and intent for mankind,
- realization of the significant consequences of man's Fall into sin,
- hope in the changing power of God's act of Redemption in Jesus,
- desire to be the faithful instruments by which God brings Restoration to His fallen world.
We would welcome the opportunity to speak with parents interested in enrolling their children in Providence Christian School.
Hugo VanderHoek,  Principal


Kindergarten - Mrs. VandenBrink
Grade 1        - Mrs. Bolink
Grade 2        - Ms. Slingerland
Grade 3        - Mrs. Agenbacht
Grade 4        - Ms. Nieboer
Grade 5/6     - Mrs. Reitsema
Grade 6        - Mrs. Heins
Grade 7        - Mrs. Prestage
Grade 8        - Mr. Entz
Grade 9        - Mrs. Imanse
Grade 10      - Mr. Dennill
Grade 11/12 - Mr. Mourits
PE                - Mrs. Prestage
Other            - Mr. Van den Hoek, Mr. VanderHoek, Ms. Feyter
Educational Assistants: Mrs. Dekker, Mrs. Veldman,  Mrs. Leeuwenburgh*, Mrs. Gruninger, Mrs. Weststrate, Mrs. Mazereeuw,
Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Oostlander*
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- Girls basketball practice Monday, January 30th after school. 

- Boys basketball practice Tuesday, January 31st after school.



Employment Opportunities.

The board of PCS invites applicants who are interested in taking on a leadership position at our school, either as principal or as assistant principal.

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