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Mission Statement and Mandate

The mission of the Providence Christian School Board, in collaboration with the Providence Christian School Society, is to further the cause of Christian education in general and, more particularly, to conduct in its own community a school system which will provide a weekday Christian instruction and education which the applicants deem necessary for covenant children in order that such children may be true Christians and occupy worthily their places in society, church, and state. All curricular requirements of the Department of Education in the Province of Alberta are fulfilled, and all institutional and physical facility requirements are met.


We see ourselves as a Christian day-school which offers Alberta Curriculum from a Christian perspective in order to train our students to become responsible citizens who are true Christians and who will occupy worthily their places in society, church and state.


Providence Christian School was setup for committed Christian parents who are concerned to maintain Christian nurture for their children also in their education.  We seek to be obedient to God's command to us, as laid out in Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 78, to pass onto the next generation His decrees, laws and mighty deeds.  We believe that the home and school must work closely together to educate our children so that what is taught and believed in the home is reinforced at school  Since we believe that children are image bearers of God, we seek to have them educated in a safe, secure and caring environment where they are respected and valued.  Our aim is to develop within the students strong reading, writing and math skills so they are able to anaylze data and develop ideas and inferences.  We strongly believe that Christ-centered education is an essential building block of our society's future.