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Admission's Policy

The basis and purpose of Providence Christian School and its method of operation are found in the Constitution and Bylaws of Providence Christian School Society.  We will admit students, up to our capacity, whose parents are committed Christians and who show a strong desire to give their child/ren a Christian education. 
Parents who are interested in enrolling a child in Providence Christian School are encouraged to contact the school and request a registration package.
All parents registering their child/ren must sign either:
a society membership form stating that they agree with the Constitution and Bylaws in full, thus becoming voting members;
an application form stating that they desire Christian education for their child/ren, thus becoming non-voting members.


To enroll your child at PCS if you are new to the school community:

1. Contact the Principal, Administrative Assistant, or Board Chair for information or to arrange for a visit and tour.
Principal - Mr. Hugo VanderHoek
Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Oostlander
Board Chair - Mr. Kevin Slomp

2. Complete the Enrollment Package.  This can be obtained from the Administrative Assistant or the Principal during the initial visit.

3. Submit the completed Enrollment Package to the Administrative Assistant. This includes signed forms such as
           -Registration Form
           -Constitution & Bylaws agreement
           -Personal Information Form
           -Medical Form
           -Student Record Transfer Form
           -Confidentiality Agreement

4. An interview will be set up with the admission committee for first-time parents wishing to enroll their child in the school.  
   The admission committee will make a recommendation to the school board.  The school board will make a decision regarding the enrollment which will then be passed on the parents.    

5. The parents will then be contacted to arrange the following details:
           -Tuition payment arrangement
           -Bus route for your child(ren)
           -Grade level assignment
           -Course Registration for students in Grades 10-12