Training up children in the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6)

Safe & Caring

Safe and Caring Learning Environment

A Christian school is a community of covenant people working and playing together in an academic and social setting.  It practices a spirit of Christian love in the classrooms, hallways, sports fields, and meeting rooms.  We are called to work, learn, and play in an environment where God is honored and praised and where academic and communal responsibilities are encouraged and exercised. 
Showing reverence to God, respect for the individuals within the community, respect for the learning environment, and respect for school property are key to creating a biblical community of learners.
In keeping with its mission, with Alberta legislation, and with its own Safe and Caring Learning Environment Policy, Providence Christian School is committed to:
  • Providing all students with a welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe learning environment;
  • Establishing a reasonable and caring balance between individual and collective rights, freedoms and responsibilities within the school community; and,
  • As part of student registration, school start information and other forms, publish written expectations for student behaviour while at school, at school-related activities, or while engaging in activities that may have an impact on others in the school.
The Providence Christian School Board is committed to implementing measures that will:
  • Define appropriate expectations, behaviours, language, and actions in order to prevent discrimination, prejudice, and harassment through greater awareness of, and responsiveness to, their harmful effects.
  • Ensure that all such discriminatory behaviours and complaints will be taken seriously, documented, and dealt with expeditiously and effectively through consistently applied policy and procedures.
  • Improve students’ understanding of the living conditions of minorities, including racial minorities, religious minorities, economic minorities, cultural minorities, sexual and gender minorities, and their families, cultures, and communities.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate inclusive educational strategies, professional development opportunities, and administrative guidelines to ensure that all minorities are treated with respect and dignity in all aspects of the school community in a manner consistent with the school’s mission and vision.
Consistent with the Education Act and in keeping with the mission and vision of Providence Christian School, each student is responsible for acting positively in support of a welcoming and caring learning environment.