Training up children in the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6)


Hiring Announcement

July 24, 2019


Following the hiring of Mr. Selles we were still looking for a teacher to take over Mr. Schooten’s teaching responsibilities. When we reached the end of the regular school year in June without an appointment, we concluded that a less desirable arrangement had to be put in place. We decided to combine grade 4 and 5 into one large class, and to make a combined 6 and 7 class. We realized that doing this presented considerable problems for the students and teachers. 

When this plan was announced to students, parents and teachers on June 24th it came with the understanding that we would revert to our original plan if a new teacher could be found during the summer break.

Today the board of Providence Christian School is pleased to announce that it has offered Mrs. Michelle Agenbacht a full time teaching position starting in August of this year.

Mrs. Agenbacht and her family immigrated to Canada from South Africa two years ago. They currently live and work in the Nobleford area. Her university training in South Africa first lead to employment as a financial advisor and later as a high school teacher. 

We are thankful that we have found Mrs. Agenbacht willing to accept this appointment and we are looking forward to her active contributions to the school community.
At Providence Christian School she will be mostly responsible for junior high school courses. We are confident that Mrs. Agenbacht will be a good fit for the Providence Christian School community, and that her training and experience will give her a very good opportunity of success in our school.

With this new development of hiring Mrs. Agenbacht we are reverting to our original plans. Grade 4 will again be a single grade, taught by Mr. van de Haar and Mrs. Reitsema will teach the grade 5/6 combination as originally intended. At the grade 7-12 level the schedule will be reworked in order to have Miss Feyter, Mr. Mourits, Mr. Selles, and Mrs. Agenbacht each teach the subject areas in which they have most expertise and experience. This assures that the students will have capable and qualified instructors for each of their subjects.

We are very grateful that at this late time we have still been able to find a good teacher. We are thankful to our Faithful Father that He always provides at His time and in His ways and we confidently trust that Mrs. Agenbacht’s work at Providence Christian School will be a blessing for our students and for our community.

For the school board,

Bill Pas