Training up children in the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6)

Mission & Mandate

Mission Statement & Mandate

The mission of the Providence Christian School Board, in collaboration with the Providence Christian School Society, is to further the cause of Christian education in general and, more particularly, to conduct in its own community a school system which will provide a weekday Christian instruction and education which the applicants deem necessary for covenant children in order that such children may be true Christians and occupy worthily their places in society, church, and state. All curricular requirements of the Department of Education in the Province of Alberta are fulfilled, and all institutional and physical facility requirements are met.



We see ourselves as a Christian day-school which offers Alberta Curriculum from a Christian perspective in order to train our students to become responsible citizens who are true Christians and who will occupy worthily their places in society, church and state.



Providence Christian School was setup for committed Christian parents who are concerned to maintain Christian nurture for their children also in their education.  We seek to be obedient to God's command to us, as laid out in Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 78, to pass onto the next generation His decrees, laws and mighty deeds.  We believe that the home and school must work closely together to educate our children so that what is taught and believed in the home is reinforced at school  Since we believe that children are image bearers of God, we seek to have them educated in a safe, secure and caring environment where they are respected and valued.  Our aim is to develop within the students strong reading, writing and math skills so they are able to anaylze data and develop ideas and inferences.  We strongly believe that Christ-centered education is an essential building block of our society's future.


Jurisdiction Profile

As is the case in most if not all school jurisdictions, a number of factors are operating in tandem and need to be addressed on a continuing basis. These include the following:

(1) growth in enrolment,

(2) the redistribution of grade-specific enrolment, as new students are added and existing students proceed to higher grades,

(3) the addition of new pedagogic resources as numbers of students increase, and

(4) the provision of qualified staff resources for the instruction of students with specific needs such as: learning disabilities, English language deficiencies, physical or other handicaps, gifted students, students coming from a very different educational background, etc. 

A consultation process is maintained through regularly scheduled meetings of the Providence Christian School Society, as well as through monthly meetings of the School board, Eduation Committee, and other committees. These meetings highlight significant achievements and facilitate analysis of the teaching practices and curricular developments that have been most effective during the year. 

Reporting procedures by way of student report cards, and teacher evaluation by way of classroom visits and a principal’s report, are issued at scheduled time(s) throughout the year. Parents and students are apprised of progress and  expections through regularly scheduled parent/teacher conferences.

The school continues with a forced 4-day school week. Parents, students, and staff appreciate and acknowledge that this works well and is beneficial for all concerned. In addition to the classrooms for academic programs the school has a wood working shop, which is to be used by students during their CTS. Our gym and additional classroom space are currently under construction. We expect to have the use of some of those spaces avalable later in 2016.


Meetings of Society

Society meetings are held in May and November. At these meetings you are informed about the state of affairs in and around school by the principal, the School Board and the several committees. In the May-meeting the budget for the coming up school year is presented, and elections for the School Board take place. At the November-meeting the financial report on the former year is given. Meetings can be called at other times when important issues are brought to the Board’s attention.