Training up children in the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6)

Michelle Agenbacht

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Grade 3

I have been at PCS since 2019. 

My calling as a teacher in PCS through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is to help children realise that they are blessings, unique creations of God, who can experience a personal relationship with Jesus. As a teacher, I will guide students to seek God’s will in their lives. I shall help them to form a Christian worldview, teach them that we should care for God's creation, love God and our neighbour, and carry out the redemption message. I desire to show the students how to commit to Christ, be disciples, and help form their character. I motivate students to have an attitude of life-long learning, seeking knowledge and strive for excellence in everything they do. Together we will find out where we belong in God's story.